This is the most exciting announcement we have ever made:

On August 3, 2010, MOON Co-op signed a lease to open the
MOON Market at Tollgate Mall in Oxford. There will be plenty
of free parking adjacent to your store, which fronts a beautifully
landscaped courtyard between Capitol Dry Cleaner and Little
Caesar’s Pizza. It is the former location of Mocha Joe’s

Please attend the Lease Signing Celebration
Time: Sunday, August 15, 3-5 P.M.
Location: At the store site, 512 S. Locust Street.

Current and propective MOON Co-op member-owners are invited.
Bring your own chair or blanket.
Please excuse the mess!

Securing this lease is the result of literally hundreds of hours of work
and it was worth it because the site and lease conditions have many
big advantages.

Tim Goldner is your landlord and has been wonderful through the
negotiation process.

There will be an extensive press release in the Oxford Press,
August 6th.


What MOON needs from MOON Member-owners:

The member-loan campaign will be launched Aug 15.
The financial foundation of the store is loans from Member
Loaners. We need $300,000 – $350,000 from member loans.
We already have $100,000 deposited loans.

Calls to members will start in Mid-August. To make a loan,
call Rebekah 520-1915 or Bernadette at 523-3990 or

We all know people who said “I’ll join when the store is a
reality.” Well…now is the time to recruit those friends and
Currently, 506 Oxford-area households are member-owners
of the store. Interest in MOON is growing daily.

Members must spread the word about the location.
The approximate opening is Late Winter 2011 and we hope
to have 600-700 member owners by then.

“SHOP THE MOON MARKET FIRST” is now our motto.
For the store to survive we must do most of your shopping
at the MOON Market, while going to other stores only for the
few items we are unable to get at the Market.

Your store will be small but carefully stocked to meet your
weekly shopping needs, based on customers preferences.
Remember, your store will be open to the public so encourage
everyone to shop there.

Take the product request survey at

TALK TO DECISION MAKERS: Let Oxford City Council
members and members of the Community Improvement
Corp (CIC) know how important your co-op is to your family and
the community. They will be deciding on our application for
a $245,000 low interest loan for your co-op. The application
amount is based on job creation ratio.

MOON is creating new jobs. We are asking for a significantly
higher amount than any prior applicant so it is important the
the CIC members understand how important this is.

Community Improvement Corporation
(names in bold are the review subcommittee)
Alan Kyger Executive Director.
Kevin McKeehan
City Council Rep
Joseph Newlin
J.C. Rupel
Jim Clawson Vice President –
Kate Currie City Council Rep
Richard Daniels Chamber of Commerce Rep
Mike Davis Talawanda Rep
Douglas R. Elliott Jr. City Manager – Ex-Officio
Larry Frimerman Oxford Township Rep
Brian Hehemann At-Large
David Prytherch Planning Commission Rep
Steve Snyder Miami University
Steve McHugh CIC Attorney-Ex-Officio

City council
Bob Blackburn,
Kenneth Bogard, Vice-Mayor
Kate Currie,
John Harman,
Richard Keebler, Mayor,
Kevin McKeehan,
Greig Rutherford,

See you at our Store!
The MOON co-op Board