In a creative flurry, Sprouts used the sites and sounds of the market to inspire stories worthy of the Pulitzer.

Caroline Cooks Carrot Cake: by Kiefer
One spring morning, Caroline who is six, planted a little tiny carrot seed. Then the carrot grew bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, until it was huge and humongous. Then she made carrot stew all day. The other day, she made carrot pie, carrot cake, and carrot enchiladas. The End.

Tasty Goodness: by Alysse
The pretzels at Ghyslains are yummy, cinnamon goodness. They’re good breakfast items and are really good.

Here Comes Wrenchhopper: by Logan, Assistant to the Market Manager.
Wrenchhopper is a metal bug. It was made by Ted Moore. He found it in a scrap pile in a barn. It is not as ferocious as it looks. It is made of a monkey wrench, wrenches, double-boxed wrenches, ball bearings and a wire. Ted Moore starting making metal creations in the 70s. Wrenchhopper took two hours to make and sells for $90.

A Little Pig Tells me what the Cookie is Made Out Of: by Anna
One day, Annie’s cousin Jessie, was in Florida while Annie was feeding the baby pig with a bottle. Then the pig said “There’s a cookie that has sugar, veggie oil, two eggs, cinnamon, and flour!!” Jessie was babysitting Annie when the pig said this. The pig made the cookie himself in the oven. His favorite food was milk and cookies. The pig’s name was Max. Then Annie said “Hey! Pigs don’t talk!” And Jessie said, “Mine does!” Then Annie asked the pig if she could have a bite of the cookie! And he said no. The End

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