We use the following: You can ratio it down for a smaller area (This will protect a two acre field)

1 Dozen raw eggs (deer can’t stand the odor)
1 tsp salt (acts as an emulsifier)
1 tbls white vinegar (acts as an emulsifier)
15 drops mint oil (enhances the egg odor — for the deer)
15 drops oil of rosemary (enhances the egg odor — for the deer)
1/2 cup white corn syrup (to make the spray stick)

Put it all in your blender and mix well

Dump into a 3 gallon pump sprayer and fill with water.

Surround the area you want to protect with 3 ft. stakes and run string from stake to stake. Tie white cloth or plastic flags (2 inch strips about 15″ long) to the string every 15 to 20 feet. The string and flags cause the deer to be cautious and stop long enough to smell the egg mixture (which they cannot stand).

Spray egg mixture on ground directly under the string.

Lasts about 20 days if no rain — about 10 with rain.

We find that deer get somewhat use to it after two or three applications. If they do, wait a week and do it again — they have short memories (must all be my age!)

You can also spray it directly on the foliage: BUT ONLY IF IT IS A PLANT THAT YOU ARE NOT GOING TO HARVEST FOR FOOD (the egg could cause bacterial contamination).