For weeks now we have been fortunate to have Chef Patrick Nipper from Kona Bistro and Chef Steve “Soupy” Townsend, whom you can find at MOON Co-Op, cooking up something special for the market. We have been calling the presentation, Market Fresh Chef Cooking Demo but we are now transitioning the presentation into, ASK THE MARKET FRESH CHEF! We asked both Patrick and Steve if our market goers were interested in the demo and asking questions about the dish they were preparing. We were informed that not too many of people that attend the market are questioning the ingredients, the recipe, or the vendors involved in the creation. So, we have decided to change the title of the cooking demonstration, hoping to get you asking questions about the entire “Farm-To-Table” process. The Ask The Chef program is at the Oxford Farmers Market to share delicious food, but especially to involve the community, sharing recipes, thoughts, ideas, and love!

Be sure to go chat with Chef Patrick and Chef Soupy, Saturday mornings at the market! They would love to answer any and all the questions you may have!