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Anne & Madison

Sweet Potato Delight
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~1 white sweet potato, cubed
~1 bell pepper, cubed
~1 small onion, sliced
~1 whole sweet potato
~salt, pepper, cinnamon


Saute the white sweet potato cubes in butter, seasoning with salt and pepper, until soft. Then add the bell pepper and onion and sauted until soft and the potatoes are crispy. While waiting for the white sweet potato, we microwaved the whole sweet potato (but you can cook it in the oven wrapped in tinfoil) and then cut it in half, seasoning it with a little bit of cinnamon.
To crisp up the sweet potato half, put it under the broiler for a few minutes or until it turns slightly brown. Plate up the sweet potato half, top with the bell pepper, onion, and white sweet potato mix, and enjoy!

(This mixture would also be really good with chopped or shredded chicken stuffed into bell peppers and then baked and served with a greek yogurt sauce!)