Locally grown food fills plates at Miami U

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Jessica Barga posted about an article that was she wrote for the Cincinnati Enquirer: Thank you! Larry Slocum, manager
The local food story I wrote with quotes and photos from the farmer's market was published in the Cincinnati Enquirer recently - check it out here. A big thanks to all who helped me out!

Here is the article:
Locally grown food fills plates at Miami U
By Jessica Barga, Enquirer contributor5:41 p.m. EST January 2, 2015

Thanksgiving Is Approaching Rather Quickly... Do You Know Where Your Turkey Will Come From?

Morning Sun Farm (492x640).jpg

Organic turkeys are now available at Morning Sun Farm! Be sure to stop by on Saturday to talk to the folks with Morning Sun Farm about their fresh, certified organic, locally raised, hormone free, antibiotic free, and GMO free meat options for the holiday season! Please click on the Meet Our Vendors tab to read more about Morning Sun Farm including their history and sustainable practices!

Enjoy Bok Choy All Winter Long Thanks To Pierce Street Nursery! And Here's How!

Don and His Bok Choy (609x640).jpg

Don Pierce of Pierce Street Nursery has taken an interest in growing bok choy in containers that will continue to grow throughout the winter if taken care of properly. This is his first year growing bok choy and is very excited to share his plants with you at the market. You can purchase containers of fully grown bok choy at the Oxford Farmers Market Uptown for less than $7! What's so awesome about bok choy?

There's Nothing Like Going To The Market With The Girls!

There's Nothing Like Going To The Market With The Girls (640x370).jpg

Mindy Kong, Shannon Hogan, and Margaret Clark are happy market shoppers! What's a better way to spend Saturday morning than with your girls at the local farmers market? Smiles are abundant at the Oxford Farmers Market.... you are guaranteed to go home with one! And maybe a pumpkin or two or three... and some mums.... oh and some fresh produce.... oh can't forget the artisan bread!

Mindy, Shannon, and Margaret are students at Miami.

Ezio - with a smile like his, inspiring others to have fun and love life is inevitable!

Ezio (640x427).jpg

You will always find little Ezio having fun. His bright smile and cheerful nature brings nothing but elation to the market! Ezio is the son of Anne Roma and Per Boland.

New Product Packaging For Morning Sun Farm, SAME Incredible Product!

Morning Sun Farm New Packaging (640x470).jpg

Morning Sun Farm has created new packing for their spelt products. New packaging includes nutritional information along with their great logo, and viewing portal showing off their delicious honey puffed and maple crunch spelt.

Spinning Lessons with Little Patch Alpacas!

Nicole Spinning with Maegan (344x640).jpg

You will always see Maegan Burkhart of Little Patch Alpacas, spinning at the market on Saturdays! She always brings one of her spinning wheels and demonstrates how she spins her alpaca fiber. On September 6, 2014, she was teaching Nicole the basics of spinning alpaca fiber into thread! Such a beautiful sight to see! Be sure to stop by Little Patch Alpacas to see Maegan or one of her little pals, spinning her wheel on Saturday mornings!

September Days Are Here, With Summer's Best Of Weather & Autumn's Best Of Cheer!

Pierce Street Nursery and Crystal Creek Gardens (640x443).jpg

Don with Pierce Street Nursery and Rose & Joanna from Crystal Creek Gardens, bring the fall season to the market with their gorgeous mums! Big, bright, beautiful, and bold, these blossoms are grown with lots of love!

Maddie Downing of Downing Fruit Farm - Beautiful and Sweet Just Like The Fruit They Grow!

Maddie Downing (640x427).jpg

Downing Fruit Farm not only has some delicious fruit, veggies, and award winning cider, but they've also got the beautiful and sweet, Maddie! Here she is holding one of their many gigantic watermelons! For those of you who are new to Downing Fruit Farm, they have been around for generations. Just to give you an idea on how long, let me say that Scott Downing's great-great-great-great grandfather John Downing started the farm in 1838!

Ask The Chef - a transition from Market Fresh Chef Cooking Demo to Ask The Market Fresh Chef!

Ask The Chef! (601x640).jpg

For weeks now we have been fortunate to have Chef Patrick Nipper from Kona Bistro and Chef Steve "Soupy" Townsend, whom you can find at MOON Co-Op, cooking up something special for the market. We have been calling the presentation, Market Fresh Chef Cooking Demo but we are now transitioning the presentation into, ASK THE MARKET FRESH CHEF!

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