ArtistryFarm ~ Debra Bowles

7701 Stillwell Beckett
Oxford, Ohio 45056 United States

513 523 3740
Natural Goat Cheese, old-fashioned goatmilk soaps, beeswax candles, duck/chicken eggs, organic ground-in-my-kitchen whole grain baked goods (focaccia, gluten-free grainola), sourdough starter, wax/ink paintings, block prints, clay plaques, seasonal barn/orchard/flowers/garden produce, GUEST ROOM...

ArtistryFarm has been providing quality organics and services to the public for more than 30 years.

In 2007*** the Ohio Department of Agriculture, Dairy Division, licensed this small select dairy goat herd to make and sell NATURAL GOAT CHEESE. Every day, milk from the barn goes into raw-milk cheese created and aged in the little cheese studio, or into GOAT MILK SOAPS (no scent nor color) mixed in a kettle, hand cut and cured in the art studio.
***In 2015 ArtistryFarm retired from making goat cheeses to sell to the public.***

Pure local beeswax made by my own and neighboring hives is used to hand-dip BEESWAX CANDLES and create WAx/INK PAINTINGS with the candles instead of paintbrushes.

Pastured CHICKEN EGGS go from barn to kitchen where 100% ORGANIC WHOLE GRAINS are ground for baked goods. Whole grains are the root of health...

All these critters and activities are inspiration for BLOCK PRINTS and CLAY PLAQUES.

SEASONAL CONTRIBUTIONS to market include natural fertilizer, flowers, herbs, garden/orchard produce, and gift baskets of soaps and candles with seasonal embellishment.

These products and practices are shared in ArtistryFarm GUEST ROOM featuring simple accommodations with line-dried linens.
Thanks for your interest in ArtistryFarm.
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