Morning Sun Farm - Dale Filbrun

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3993 State Route 503 S
West Alexandria, Ohio 45381 United States

Beef, chicken, lamb, pork, turkey, eggs, spelt, wheat, and hay / straw.

We are a family farm in Preble County, Ohio with 6 children. My wife & I were both raised on a dairy farm & have farmed all our lives as our only business. With it getting harder to stay in farming without getting bigger & bigger, we decided to start direct marketing products from our farm. In 1982 we started becoming aware of the detriment of farm chemicals to our health and the environment. We stared using products that were less harsh to the soil and earthworms and soil microbes.(we learned that the soil is alive and to treat it as such) We continued crop rotation & other proven practises that we had always done. In 1992 we decided it was time, not just to cut back but also cut out ,all harsh chemicals & antibiotics (We have never used hormones or GMO's.) and become certified organic. Our livestock was not raised in total confinement prior to certification but we learned more & more about the importance of raising them on grass. We believe in high quality & excellent service. We think it's important to learn to know where & how your food is being raised & to know the farmer. We go over & above the organic standards,use some heritage breeds of livestock, raise all of our feed & try to be as self sustaining as we can. Our chicken,turkey,pork,beef,& lamb are sold in cuts at the farm & 4 farmers markets. We also have eggs & fress ground spelt & wheat flour. Thank you for your interest & we look forward to meeting you.

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